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How We Help

Our Mission: To connect financially disadvantaged individuals and families suffering from the disease of drug and alcohol addiction with customized best-odds-outcome resources designed to promote long-term sustainable sobriety.

The Wasatch Scholarship Foundation is a a nonprofit entity created to provide financial aid to the drug and alcohol addicted for recovery and to implement programs of mentoring and education surrounding  the disease of addiction. The foundation’s objective is to aid the individual, the family and society with customized programs designed to promote long- term sustainable sobriety and to provide substance abuse education, resources and support. The Board of Directors consists of professionals from the fields of medicine, social work, counseling, education, marketing and business. The foundation is local to the state of Utah.

Wasatch strives to help those who are interested and willing to get sober, but due to financial reasons have nowhere left to turn. And to help them not just in the immediate or acute phase of their recovery, but to help facilitate at least one year of continuous sobriety by working with multiple resources willing to provide their services at discounted costs to our participants in order to maximize donations; including, residential treatment centers, transitional and sober living facilities, volunteers willing to provide mentor-ship and support, and to leverage all other available medical, clinical, social, and vocational resources in the community.
Wasatch is currently providing scholarships for sober living facilities in Utah, a vital part of the recovery process, and plan in the future to scholarship all stages of treatment, including detoxification and residential treatment.
*Note scholarship recipients may receive one or several of the benefits of the scholarship programs.



Services provided through committees of unpaid volunteers:

  • Clinical and Medical assessments and treatment recommendations
  • Individual mentoring
  • Family mentoring
  • Substance abuse education
  • Community education events and speakers
  • Six month to one year case management

Services funded and provided through financial donations:

  • Scholarships for sober living
  • Tuition and fees for IOP, after care programs, and individual counseling


Services to be funded and provided through financial donations in the future:

  • Detox
  • Residential treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Individual, family, group counseling
  • Sober living