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Wasatch Recovery Foundation ScholarshipDo you have a loved one or client who wants to go to sober living, but can’t afford it? Please review our list of applicant criteria for who we consider for scholarships:

Applicant must:
– Have no medical insurance or be under-insured, meaning that their medical insurance will not pay for sober living.
- Show that their support groups are unable or unwilling to provide financial support (extended family, friends, religious institution, medical insurance, etc.)
- Have a strong desire and show willingness to stay sober for life.
- Complete at least 30 days at a residential treatment center and successfully discharge from the program.
- Have a recommendation for sober living from their primary counselor at the current residential treatment center.

If the applicant is in inpatient treatment, please submit application at least two weeks before the expected date of discharge. We also require a discharge summary from the primary counselor within two days of submitting the application.